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Admin Tech
Module Details
Name:Admin Tech Training Demo Course
Description:Admin Tech Training E-Learning Demonstration Course

1. Welcome
2. What's Inside
3. Functionality
4. Restudy Feature
5. Virtual Glossary
6. Juggling Jargon
7. Example
8. Recommendation
9. Practical Exercise: Quiz
10. Lend a Helping Hand
11. Teamwork
12. Recommendation
13. Practical Exercise: Quiz
14. Summary
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Hello, and welcome to the
Admin Tech
e-Learning Demonstration Course!

This demo course presents two of the 30 topics contained in just one of our courses. It essentially serves the purpose of demonstrating the unique features of all of our e-Learning courses, such as the mouse-over glossary and the "go back and restudy" feature.

Topics covered in our courses include communication, organization, increasing productivity and office efficiency, to name just a few.

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