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Welcome to THE hub for training business owners and their staff
in the many aspects of business administrative technology

Whether you want to improve communication skills or learn about office efficiency, planning, statistics, ethics or professionalism, to name just a few topics, you have come to the right place!

Getting every employee thoroughly trained in the same workable business principles is the key to increased productivity and office efficiency. Having an online training course available for new employees to study upon arrival to the job dramatically reduces the inevitable learning curve and contributes to team building by ensuring all your staff are on the same page from the start.

All courses are fully illustrated and contain AUDIO TRACKS for every step!

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Breaking The Code:
      The Mysteries of Modern Management Unlocked
This comprehensive 25-hour course contains the answers to the "mysterious" and seemingly unsolvable problems of successfully managing any business or organization. The materials in this course have been developed over decades of research and experience with organizations. The principles are simple, usable and, if applied, work.

The Fundamentals of Communication:
      How to Increase Understanding & Your Command of Life
People will understand and respect you to the degree that you communicate effectively. If you have ever wanted to become better at public speaking or networking in business, or simply to be better able to share your great ideas, then this is the course for you! The powerful secrets of communicating with confidence will be revealed. In this course, you will learn the precise skills of how to connect with others in a natural and confident manner.

The Basics of Organization:
      How To Reduce Stress & Increase Morale in the Workplace
Working effectively in a business is the key to productivity. Yet, despite the vital necessity of being able to interact well with management, organizational basics are very often misunderstood and thus poorly implemented. In this course, you will gain keen insight into how to effectively manage your performance within an organizational structure. The result? - Less stress at work while meeting expectations on schedule.

How to Increase Productivity:
      Your Guide To Guaranteed Expansion
Having a clear direction is one of the most important elements of getting work done. When you know what to do and how to do it, work becomes pleasurable instead of confusing. All business operations have a proper sequence, and when these are identified, known and implemented, productivity will increase dramatically.

Understanding the Formulas to Improve Conditions:
      A Step-by-Step Guide to Attain Affluence on Your Job
Valuable team members are the most important element in creating a powerful business. In this course, you will learn how to increase your value, productivity and longevity. And just as importantly, with application of the key elements presented in this course of how to be in better control of the important aspects of your duties and tasks, you will experience more personal satisfaction at work!

Tools for Managing Business Growth:
      How to Use Planning & Statistics to Grow Your Company
When you manage by statistics, you can overcome challenges with greater certainty. In this course, you will unlock the simple steps of how to measure and increase your businesses' performance. You will know how to "connect the dots" with the use of statistics, and thus gain control of important signals that allow you to understand your business with greater depth and clarity.

How to Increase Office Efficiency:
      The Fundamentals of Intra-Office Communications
Clear communication is important to bring about an efficient office. Learn the basics of a simple communications system that assists business professionals in accomplishing more production in less time.

Maximizing Your Effort & Effectiveness:
      How to Spot "Developed Traffic" & Avoid Committing It
Internal noise and conflict can create an environment of frayed nerves and overwhelm. This course teaches you how to spot and address the root causes of such situations. Discover more than fifty types of scenarios in business that create such conflict and what you can do to spot and eliminate them.

Implementing Core Values:
      The How-To Guide for Building an Ethical Team
Productive teams work best when everyone is focused on productivity and positive actions. There are a few who make work harder for others. With proven systems that you will learn in this course, you will know how to create a focused work environment that is positive and rewarding.

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